Guys And Dollies

Summer Storage

Choose the storage option exclusively built for students!

Guys and Dollies is committed to serving only students. By taking this non-traditional approach as a moving company, we are able to design a moving service that works around the needs of students during the most hectic times of the school year, move-out and move-in weeks.

The easiest storage and shipping service in town!

Guys and Dollies is the simpliest solution for storage for students who leave campus during the summer. We make our storage as easy as possible by including a lot of benefits and built-in amenities in our service:

    ☑ Free in-room pick up
    ☑ Free in-room delivery
    ☑ Free boxes (24x18x16, 275lb test, high quality)
    ☑ Free supply kit (tape, packing paper, markers, labels, tags, poster tubes)
    ☑ Free cancellation or appointment changes

Unlike renting a storage unit, Guys and Dollies is full-service, which means that we handle the lifting as well as the truck and equipment rentals. This gives customers more time to study for finals and plan travel.

Only pay for the space you use!

Instead of forcing you to rent an entire storage unit, Guys and Dollies charges you for each item, which means that you aren't paying for any extra space. Additionally, with Guys and Dollies, you only have to pay a single storage fee for the entire summer. Storage units charge monthly fees with long minimum rental periods. To learn more about the costs of our service, please click the "Pricing" tab.