Guys And Dollies

Short Term Storage

Guys and Dollies has helped thousands of students move for almost a decade, and we've learned that sometimes students only need storage for a few weeks, or maybe just a few days. Guys and Dollies' short-term storage service can find you storage space, no matter what your storage time frame is. And, just like our other services, short-term storage customers receive full-service moving and free supplies delivered directly to your door!

Stuck between leases?

Students often find themselves stuck between apartment leases that don’t overlap. To help remedy this, Guys and Dollies hires extra crews and reserves additional storage space during this time. We keep apartment lease schedules in mind so that we can make sure all students have an flexible, short-term storage options. Please note that short-term storage must be paid prior to delivery, even if it has not yet been 30 days.

We can help with 1-3 day storage!

Sometimes, customers only need storage in for a couple of days. If you need three days of storage or less, we can make arrangements to rent a truck, and store your items on the locked truck (at our warehouse) for the duration of your storage. This reduces our labor and warehouse costs, and results in a lower price for you! Please set up this type of storage with your local office directly by choosing a school below and clicking contact us.