Guys And Dollies


If you’d like to ship extra items from home or an online store to our warehouse, we can group that delivery with your storage using our Ship-To-School service.

Buy items online, send them to the warehouse!

This is a great way to buy items at home, and have them delivered to campus along with the rest of your storage. While large online stores and shipping services won't let you schedule a narrow arrival window, Guys and Dollies can let you reserve a 2-hour arrival window that works for you!

Send us items from home!

Don't try and fly with huge bags or pay large check fees for over-sized luggage. Just send us your items before you arrive and schedule your delivery online. We'll even bring the packages directly into your room.

Where do I send my packages?

Please choose a school, and we will be happy to give you more detailed instructions for our Ship-To-School Service.

Want pricing information? Just choose a school below!