Guys And Dollies

West Lafayette Shipping, Indiana

Guys and Dollies' West Lafayette shipping service is the most convenient way to send all or some of your personal belongings home from campus. Our Purdue University movers will pick up your shipping items from your room, handle the paperwork, and give them directly to one of our shipping providers, FedEx or UPS, so that you don’t have to lift a finger!

In-Room Pick Up

All West Lafayette shipping orders receive free, in-room pick up, which means that you don’t have to bring your boxes downstairs or outside to meet movers. You're going to be busy during finals week, so skip the long lines and paperwork at the local shipping center! Don't worry about which labels are correct or finding the girth and weight of your box! Just tell us the shipping address and we'll take it from there!

Free supplies, delivered directly to you door!

We want to make sure you and your items are ready for the rigors of shipping. We research and test to find quality supplies and provide a huge variety in our complimentary supply packet. We will give you all the tools you need to protect your items, from double-walled, extra-sturdy boxes, to industrial bubble wrap. Let us show you why we are the best option for shipping in West Lafayette!

Storage? Shipping? We're flexible!

We handle both shipping and storage in West Lafayette, so feel free to change your mind between the two services at the very last minute. Sometimes it's tough to know the service you want to use until you finish packing. Just let our movers know which items are for shipping and which are for storage at your appointment. If you need, we can even store your items and ship them later, just let us know how we can help!

Have an odd item? We can custom pack that for you!

Our West Lafayette shipping office provides custom packing service for items like TV’s, Bicycles, golf clubs, plastic bins and other un-boxed items. The charges for this service are based on the time it takes to pack and the materials costs used. Contact your local Purdue University shipping office ([email protected]) for more details!

Shipping transit times and pricing

Payment needs to be completed before items will be shipped. Boxes will be processed and shipped out by Fedex within two business days. The only exception to this is during move-out week, when which all packages are shipped out during the weekend following finals week. Typical transport times for shipping are an estimated 3-4 days for the Midwest and East Coast, 4-5 days for southern states. Packages shipped to Western States typically arrive with 5-7 days.

Base Shipping Charge (charged only once per pick up) - $29.50

Packages 20lbs or less: $48 flat rate
Packages 20lbs-49lbs: $2.40 per lb for the first 25 lbs + $0.25 per additional lb
Packages 50lbs-69lbs: $2.40 per lb for the first 25 lbs + $0.25 per additional lb + $22.50 overweight fee
Packages 70lbs or greater: rates and delivery times vary for overweight or oversized items

*Packages to Zone 7 (NV, AZ, parts of CA, OR, WA): +$14.50 per box; Zone 8 (parts of CA, OR WA): +$19.50 per box; additional fees for AK, HI

**All items are shipped out with normal $100 insurance per package. Extra insurance may be requested by calling or emailing the office. Movers will not ask about additional insurance and it must be requested by customer.

***Shipping non-boxed items such as luggage, golf bags, trunks, or duffel bags will be charged an additional $16.50. This is a charge assessed by FedEx/UPS, not Guys and Dollies. When possible, if we see that an item can easily fit into a Guys and Dollies box, we will box it up before sending it out.

****Due to extreme costs and regulations, Guys and Dollies does have any international shipping options at this location. We recommend working directly with USPS for smaller items and FedEx/UPS/DHL for larger items. Please note that international shipments with any carrier require strict cataloging of package contents.