Guys And Dollies

How It Works



Guys and Dollies is working with Purdue University to make sure students can get all their items out of their dorms and into storage. Due to the sudden change in University schedule and plans, some of the information on this site may be temporarily incorrect.

Students returning to campus to pack themselves will be able to get storage and shipping pick up appointments before March 30. Students and parents using our packing service can keep items in their room until May 4 and should schedule appointments for movers to come during April.

We have verified with Purdue University that you will be able to leave your items in your locked room after March 30 and that they will provide Guys and Dollies with access during your appointment.

Free Supplies and Boxes

Due to high demand for supplies in the dorms, we have added extra-long supply delivery days. To safely give out supplies and prevent spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we ask for your assistance in staying more than 6 feet away from other customers. Please wash your hands prior to meeting our truck.

For everyone's safety, do not come get supplies if you are feeling unwell.
Let our office know, and we can work with you to find another solution to receive your free supplies.

Please do not approach the truck until your name has been called. Simply find a spot to wait at least 6 feet from other people and raise your hand. One of our movers will come to you, add your name to the list, and give you a supply request form. If you would prefer expedite the process, you can print your own form and fill out your form at home, please use this link.

Our movers will wear gloves, sanitize pens and clipboards, and use alcohol wipes between locations. Please make sure to request more supplies than you think you need so that we don't have to come back a second time. You can return any extra items to the movers at pick up. We appreciate your cooperation.

If you live off-campus and want to meet the truck to pick up supplies, simply pull up near the truck and stay in your car. A mover can bring you a form and load supplies directly into your car without you getting out.

You do not need to pick up supplies if you are using packing service. We will bring supplies to your location during your appointment..

The easiest solution for West Lafayette storage and shipping!

We have worked with thousands of Purdue University students and parents to create an easy moving experience. We've handed out hundreds of thousands of free supplies, so you can be sure that we know what you need for the fastest and easiest storage in West Lafayette and Lafayette!

Why is our Purdue University storage and shipping service the easiest?

We try to provide students with the best supplies and preparation. Students have a lot to worry about at the beginning and end of the school year, let us take care of everything you need!

Our benefits include:
    ☑ Free in-room pick up
    ☑ Free in-room delivery
    ☑ Free boxes (24x18x16, 275lb test, high quality)
    ☑ Free supply kit (tape, packing paper, markers, labels, tags, poster tubes, many more...)
    ☑ Free cancellation or appointment changes

We keep parents informed!

We have included new features on our website for parents so that they can help their children during the busiest times of the school year. Parents can scheduling appointments, request supply deliveries, and compelte payments. Confirmation and reminder emails will be sent to both the student and parent so that everyone can stay informed.

The basics

Once you create an account on our website, there are five basic steps:

    1. Reserve pick up arrival window
    2. Pick up boxes and supplies or have them delivered
    3. Pack your boxes and label your items
    4. Mail check or pay by credit card online
    5. Reserve delivery arrival window

The details:

1. Reserve pick up arrival window

Available appointments for West Lafayette storage and shipping can be reserved online 24/7, or by email or phone during normal business hours. Typically, our arrival windows are 2-hours and are available throughout the day at most locations. The first appointments of the day normally begin at 10:00am-12:00pm, and the last arrival windows end as late as 8:00pm-10:00pm. Arrival window availability varies depending on location and date. Payment is not required until after your appointment and is not needed to reserve an appointment. If you notify us more than 24 hours in advance, we do not charge any cancellation or change fees.

2. Pick up supplies or have them delivered

For customers living on-campus in Purdue University housing, please check the supply delivery schedule to find out when you can pick up supplies. Our supply deliveries will be at most residence halls 2-3 times each week during the Spring. Customers can pick up supplies at any location on the schedule. Don't go to the store and spend money on packing supplies! Our service is easiest way to get free packing supplies for storage in West Lafayette!

Off-campus customers can fill out a free supply request online, and have our complimentary supply ski delivered directly to your address. After requesting supplies online, our West Lafayette movers will call within a week ( 2-3 days in the Spring) to see when you are available for your supply delivery. Customers living off-campus are also welcome to meet the truck in your car during the dorm delivery times if you do not want to wait for a custom supply delivery.

Our supply kits contain a comrehensive list of free packing products. We recommend that customers take more supplies than they think they need, and simply return extras to the movers at your appointment. We want our customers to be the most prepared for storage in West Lafayette. In addition to our free supplies, we have several premium packing products like bubble wrap and wardrobe kits.

Our free supply kits include:

    ☑ Tape
    ☑ Packing Paper
    ☑ Markers
    ☑ Removable Labels
    ☑ Furniture Tags
    ☑ Plastic Wrap
    ☑ Dry Cleaning Bags
    ☑ Bags For Wires and Remotes
    ☑ Poster Tubes (as needed)
    ☑ Mattress Bags (as needed)
    ☑ Shipping Labels (as needed)
    ☑ Luggage Tags (as needed)

3. Pack your boxes and label your items

After the movers deliver your supplies, you will be able to start packing. To make moving go smoothly, we will accept almost any item into our West Lafayette storage facility. Give the movers things like full plastic bins and suitcases to reduce packing time. Please make sure to have everything packed prior to the beginning of your arrival window. You name must be listed on all items, but removable labels and tags (with strings) are included in your free supply kit. Due to very tight schedules, movers typically need to move on to the next appointment and cannot wait for extra items to be packed. Extra information can be found on the packing tips page.

That’s all you have to do before you leave campus!

Movers may show up at any point in your reserved arrival window, not necessarily the beginning. If you can't be at the arrival window, you will need to provide contact information for someone else than can be present (like a neighbor or roommate. Payment is not needed until over the summer, and customers will be given both paper and electronic invoices prior to payment.

4. Mail check or pay by credit card online

All open invoices must be paid prior to scheduling your delivery. You can make payments online 24/7 or during normal busines hours by phone or mail. Online credit card transactions are handled through PayPal, and no credit card information is saved for security reasons. When using a credit card, there is a 2.9% processing fee. To avoid this fee, please send a check through the mail. Storage invoices must be paid within 30 days of your appointment or prior to the delivery.

5. Reserve delivery arrival window

Delivery arrival windows can be scheduled online 24/7. You can also call or email the office for additional help during normal business hours. If you are moving in with roommates, we recommend scheduling your appointments at the same time, so that only one peron needs to be present. The first roommate to arrive on campus can sign for all of the deliveries, so that your stuff is waiting for you when you get to school! Our movers will deliver anywhere in West Lafayette or Lafayette!

Our August delivery windows are usually released in mid-June, and students and parents with both receive email notifications. Our Purdue storage and moving services are available every day of the summer, and can delivery to any West Lafayette or Lafayette location. We'll even bring your items to your room if you know where you want them! Our movers will bring basic tools to reassemble anything that was disassembled during move-out.