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Free Supply Kits

Pick up supplies or have them delivered!

For customers living in residence halls, please check the supply delivery schedule to see when our trucks will be in your area to hand out supplies. We are at most locations 2-3 time per week in the Spring. Students may pick up free supplies at any location.

Customers living off-campus are also welcome to come to the scheduled dorm deliveries if they want their supplies quickly, but may also request a free supply delivery. After requesting supplies online, movers will call within a week (2-3 days in the Spring) to check your availability.

How many boxes do I need?

Typically, our supply delivery managers report that students take between 6-8 boxes for dorms, and 8-12 boxes for off-campus locations, but many are returned back to our movers during the pick up appointment.

We recommend students take more supplies than they need, and return extras back to our movers at the pick up appointment.

What's in the free supply kit? Everything you need.

Don't go to the store and buy packing supplies. We'll give you with all the supplies you need for free!


Our signature, double-walled, extra-sturdy boxes are 24”x18”x16”, which is about the size of a large laundry basket. Similar boxes would cost $5-$10 each from a store, but you can have as many as you need delivered to you for free. While our signature boxes are free to use, they do cost $35 each to store. This is the only size box in our free supply kit, but we will accept any type of box into storage. If any boxes are not used, they need to be returned to the movers during pick up. All unreturned and unused boxes will cost $5.00.


With each set of boxes, we will give you clear, industrial packing tape so that your can build and seal them. Our rolls of free packing tape are 2 inches wide, and 55 yards long. We have carefully tested our tape to make sure it can stand up to both heat and cold without losing adhesion. Extra tape is available on supply trucks if needed.

We recommend applying the tape liberally, especially on the bottom, which carries the weight when the box is picked up. On the bottom, we recommend using three strips of tape along the middle seam, and two strips of tape along the short edges to ensure the box stays closed when loaded with heavy items, and seal all openings.

Permanent Markers

Included in the supply kit are permanent markers, which you can use to label your name, and a brief description of the contents of boxes (for organization purposes). Movers appreciate when you write fragile on appropriate items. Markers are industrial quality, and can mark on a variety of surfaces. Finally, you should use the markers to write your shipping address on any boxes that you would like to ship instead of store.

Removable Labels and Tags

If you do not want to write directly on your items, we have included removable labels and tags in your supply packet. Removable labels can be stuck to most surfaces, but we recommend using the tags (with strings) on items with nice furniture or paint.

Packing Paper

Also included in your supply packet is packing paper. These large sheets of paper can be used to wrap around items to help protect the surface. To protect more than the surface, please purchase bubble wrap. Packing paper can also be crumpled and used to take up extra room inside your boxes and keep items from shifting. The packing paper will also included packing tips and appointment instructions.

Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap can be extremely helpful for items with drawers and doors slide can fall open. Plastic wrap is particularly helpful for stackable plastic bins because it can keep everything together in a group. Stackable plastic bins can be in groups of 3, and plastic wrap can help bind them together and keep the drawers shut. Plastic wrap can also be helpful on dressers and refrigerators, but please do not fill large furniture items as they become very heavy.

Mattress Bags

These are used to seal all mattresses, box springs, and rolled mattress toppers. Mattresses may be very heavy, so if you need help, just wait until the movers to arrive so they can assist you. If you want to speed up your appointment, you can save time by doing this yourself before the movers arrive by pulling the bag down over the mattress from the top and taping the open end shut.

Bags For Wires and Remotes

Let's face it, it's the little things that cause the most annoying problems, like not being able to find the power cord for your TV when you unpack. Use these special bags and ensure that you can keep track of all your various small electronics.

For more fragile items, use our Premium Supplies!

Bubble Wrap

While packing paper offers some protection, particularly fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap, which is significantly better at keeping items safe. We recommend using bubble wrap for ceramic, glass, and other breakable items. In addition, wrapping electronics with bubble wrap will significantly reduce risk to the internal parts. Our extra large bubbles provide a thickest cushion and most protection for fragile items, better and cheaper than anything you can buy at the store. Bubble wrap costs $5 for 20ft.

Premium Shipping Supplies

Additional premium shipping supplies are available through our custom packing service. Please contact the office for more details about shipping expensive items.