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Special Covid-19 Update

March 19, 5:00pm Update

Due to the sudden change in University schedule and plans, some of the information on the site may be temporarily incorrect. All you need to do is:

  1. Reserve an appointment on Indiana University's site
  2. Reserve the same appointment on our site
  3. Fill out the form to allow us to have access
  4. Request your essential items from IU
  5. Request Free Packing Supplies

If you have a packing service appointment, please note that because you will not be present for your appointment, the university might need to shift things if schedules are too tight. We will confirm any changes ahead of time with you if needed. Our movers will make sure that you are available because they will need to speak with you during your appointment by phone or video chat. Additionally, our movers will bring all the free supplies needed for packing, with the exception of bubble wrap which costs $5/roll. Once items have been packed, you can request each item to be stored for the summer or shipped. If you have filled out the access form, the university will grant us access as needed.

If you have a storage appointment in the residence halls with no packing service, we will do our best to pick up all students' belongings during their time windows. Most people will only be ready at the end of their window, so it may be necessary for our movers to come back after your time block to pick up your belongings. If this is necessary, simply make sure all items are packed and labeled with your name. Make a list of the items you want to put into storage and the items you want to be shipped home. You can leave this list for the movers in your room or email it to our office. Indiana University will provide our movers access to your room after you have left.

We are currently handling all supply requests based on requests made through the website. If we release a distribution schedule, you will be notified by email. Please make sure you request supplies as early as possible to give our movers time to distribute everything. Your supplies may either be waiting for you in your room or at the mailrooms in each dorm. We currently cannot guarantee any specific days for supply delivery, and we are handling requests based on what is the most urgent.

If you have an appointment off-campus, your appointments should operate normally. Please follow the normal instructions in this email.

We'd love to hear your feedback!

We strive to improve our Bloomington storage and shipping service each year, and will work hard to listen to your suggestions, ideas, and complaints!

Before you contact us...

We are happy to answer any questions and help you through the process, but we appreciate your patience during the busiest days, when we have a large spike in call volume.

  • Please remember that our Bloomington movers can show up at any point during the arrival window, not necessarily the beginning.
  • Please wait until the end of your arrival window before contacting the office.

When is the Bloomington storage and shipping customer service office open?

Office Hours During Spring and Fall

Bloomington storage is an extremely seasonal business, so our customer service staff flexes with demand. Leading up to our busiest weeks (official move-in and move-out), we will have normal office hours between 9:00am-6:00pm(et) every day. During official move-out and move-in, our customer service hours are extended to 2-hours after our final appointment, which is often midnight or later.

Move-Out and Move-In

Most students want storage in Bloomington at exactly the same time. Please note that call volumes may occasionally spike and be higher than expected. If you do not reach a live representative, then all of our representatives are on the phones. Please leave a message and we will return your call as quickly as possible. Messages are answered before live calls, in the order they are received. At busier dorm locations, you may be able to check in with your crew directly at the front of the building, just look for our movers.

Don't worry! We will not run out of Bloomington storage space!

Our warehouse is extremely large and we can accomodate appointments throughout the summer and winter.