Guys And Dollies

Short Term Storage in Boulder, Colorado

Guys and Dollies has helped college students move for more than a decade, and we've discovered that sometimes students need storage in Boulder for just a few weeks, or maybe even just a few days. Guys and Dollies has a short-term storage service that is available to help. Just like our other services, customers still receive full-service moving and free supplies!

Stuck between leases?

Oftentimes students will find themselves stuck between two leases that don’t overlap. This is a suprisingly difficult problem because most Boulder storage units are full by that point. We hire extra crews and reserve additional Boulder storage space during this time. This allows us to provide University of Colorado students with flexible, short-term storage options.

Simple, flexible pricing!

Although your items are in storage for a short length of time, the cost of our short-term storage in Boulder is typically the same as the full summer storage rates due to labor costs.

But, you still only pay for the space you use!

Our per-item pricing is structures so that you pay storage cost for each individual item that you put into storage. This means that you aren't paying for any extra space! Please visit the University of Colorado pricing page to add up how much your items would cost. Please note that short-term storage must be paid prior to the delivery arrival window, even if it has not yet been 30 days.

We can help with 1-3 day storage!

Sometimes, customers only need storage in Boulder for a couple days. If you need three days of storage or less, we can make arrangements to rent a moving truck and keep your items locked in the truck in our normal parking lot for the duration of your storage. This reduces our labor and warehouse costs, and we can pass the savings onto you. Please email the local University of Colorado office ([email protected]) directly to compare the cost of this option to our normal short-term storage.