Guys And Dollies

Boulder Ship-To-School

With Guys and Dollies' Ship-To-School service, customers send purchases from online stores or boxes from home to our Boulder storage warehouse. Received shipments are then grouped with any items already in storage. If you didn't have any storage, don't worry. Ship-To-School may be used as a stand-alone service, as well.

Buy items online, send them to the warehouse!

Ship-To-School service is the easiest way to buy items at home over the summer, and have them delivered to your school address. Online stores and shipping services don't allow you to schedule specific arrival windows, but with our flexible scheduling system you can reserve a convenient 2-hour arrival window that works for you!

Send us items from home!

Don't lug huge bags on the plane or pay large checked baggage fees for over-sized luggage. Just send us your items, schedule your delivery online, and we can bring your items at the perfect time for you. We'll even bring the packages directly into your room instead of leaving them at the front door. Let us plan around you!

Where do I send my packages?

Make sure to include the student’s first and last name on the package. Please call or email our office for our warehouse address.

Flat rate, no matter the size of the item!

Ship-To-School service costs $50 for the first item received at our warehouse. Each additional package costs $10 per box, or $50 per piece of furniture (like a mattress). Please keep in mind that you must use a third-party shipper, like FedEx, UPS, or USPS to send shipments to our Boulder storage warehouse. Many online stores will deliver to our warehouse for free, though.