Guys And Dollies

Boulder Storage And Shipping Pricing

Choose the Boulder storage option exclusively built for students!

Benefits include:
    ☑ Free in-room pick up
    ☑ Free in-room delivery
    ☑ Free boxes (24x18x16, 275lb test, very high quality)
    ☑ Free supply kit (tape, packing paper, markers, labels, tags, poster tubes, and more...)
    ☑ Free cancellation or appointment changes

Full-service storage at self-service prices.

Renting a regular Boulder storage unit is not as simple or cheap as it sounds. You'll also have to rent (and drive) a moving truck, buy supplies, find moving dollies, and physically load and unload everything yourself.

...and don't forget, you have to do that twice: for move-out and move-in.

There's a better way.
Guys and Dollies is full-service Boulder storage, which means that we meet you at your room and handle the lifting as well as the truck and equipment rentals. Oh yeah, and we will deliver unlimited free boxes, and a comprehensive supply kit with everything you'll need to pack. Why haven't you signed up yet?

Only pay for the space you use!

For storage in Boulder, Guys and Dollies charges per-item, so you just have to add up the prices of the items you are storing. You can give us as much or as little as you want, and only pay for the space your items take up. Don't pay for a large, expensive West Lafayette storage unit when you are only going to use half the space!

It's easy: $75 + Items

Summer storage is $75 plus the per item charges listed below. There is no minimum storage amount to take advantage of our service. Storage prices are for the entire summer of storage and include:

  • Convenient 2-hour appointment window
  • Free in-room pickup
  • Free in-room delivery
  • Free boxes
  • Free supply kit

Example Invoice For Entire Summer #1

Unlimited boxes & supply kit delivered to your room FREE
Pickup (2 movers) FREE
Delivery (2 movers) FREE
Base Storage Charge $75.00
Storage of 5 boxes @ $35 each for entire summer $175.00
Total $250.00

Example Invoice For Entire Summer #2

Unlimited boxes & supply kit delivered to your room FREE
Pickup (2 movers) FREE
Delivery (2 movers) FREE
Base Storage Charge $75.00
Storage of 2 boxes @ $35/each for entire summer $70.00
Storage of 1 Large Refrigerator @ $55 for entire summer $55.00
Storage of 2 Large Plastic Bins @ $35/each for entire summer $70.00
Total $270.00

Have multiple roommates?

Very large orders for multiple people are eligible for volume discounts. Email or call the office for more details.

Item Prices

Base Storage Charge (charged only once per invoice) $75.00

Boxes and Luggage

Item Cubic Feet Price
Guys and Dollies Signature Box 4.0 $35.00
Small Box 2.0 or less $30.00
Medium Box 2.01 - 3.49 $35.00
Large Box 3.5 - 4.5 $40.00
X-Large Box 4.51 - 5.5 $45.00
Wardrobe Box (must be kept upright) * $60.00
Medium Suitcase/Duffel 2.5 or less $35.00
Large Suitcase/Duffel 2.51 - 4.5 $40.00
X-Large Suitcase/Duffel 4.51 - 5.5 $45.00
XX-Large Suitcase/Duffel 5.51 - 7 $50.00
Small Trunk 3.0 or less $30.00
Large Trunk 3.01 - 4.5 $40.00
X-Large Trunk 4.51 - 7 $45.00


Item Cubic Feet Price
Small Fridge 1.8 or less $45.00
Large Fridge 1.81 - 3.9 $55.00
Microwave * $35.00
Small Plastic Storage Bin** 1.5 or less $25.00
Medium Plastic Storage Bin** 1.51 - 2.5 $30.00
Large Plastic Storage Bin** 2.51- 4.0 $35.00
Carpet/Rug 3.51 - 4.5 $35.00
Small Television 20" or less $35.00
Medium Television 32" or less $45.00
Large Television 37" or less $55.00
X-Large Television 42" or less $60.00
XX-Large Television 50" or less $75.00
Over-sized Television >50" *call
Bicycle * $55.00
Tables * $50.00
Desk * $55.00
Desk Chair * $40.00
Folding Chair * $25.00
Futon * $120.00
Couch * $120.00
Long Dresser * $70.00
Tall Dresser * $55.00
Nightstand * $35.00
Rug * $35.00
Mirror * $25.00
Mattress * $100.00
Box Spring * $80.00
Small Bed Frame * $25.00
Large Bed Frame * $80.00

*Prices may vary according to size, usually no more than $5-$10. Please email customer service ([email protected]) to price a specific item, but be sure to include the size.

**Up to three small, stackable plastic bins may be grouped and taped together and counted as one large plastic bin


Base Shipping Charge (charged only once per pick up) - $27.50

Packages 20lbs or less:$44 flat rate
Packages 20lbs-49lbs: $2.20 per lb for the first 25 lbs + $0.25 per additional lb
Packages 50lbs-69lbs: $2.20 per lb for the first 25 lbs + $0.25 per additional lb + $15.50 overweight fee
Packages 70lbs or greater: rates and delivery times vary for overweight or oversized items

*Packages to Zone 7 (NV, AZ, parts of CA, OR, WA): +$13 per box; Zone 8 (parts of CA, OR WA): +$17 per box; additional fees for AK, HI

**Non-boxed items: +$12.50 per item, packing services are available at additional cost

***International shipping not available

Invoice must be paid prior to shipping.

Abroad/Long-Term Storage

We split the year into three terms: first semester, second semester, and summer. Each one of these terms is billed separately based on the items in storage. Invoices are generated at the beginning of every term, and the storage rates for each term are the same as our summer rates. Discounts are available for long-term storage of 1 year or more, please email customer service for details. More information is available on our abroad storage and long-term storage pages. Please let the movers know if you are planning to store for both summer and fall sessions during pick-up.

Other Charges

Guys and Dollies charges as few extra fees as possible, but some situations are more difficult than others. We charge no change or cancellation fees more than 24 hours in advance, and no "out of window" fees. However, the following charges may be applied:

Refrigerator Defrost Or Clean - $50 - Defrosting refrigerators is extremely time consuming and costly in organization. In addtiion, wet and leaking refrigerators can damage to other customers belongings and equipment. Please start to dry and defrost your fridge at least 48 hours ahead of time. Fridges with a lot of ice may need as long as four days. Similarly, this fee will be charged for refigerators that have not been cleaned of food.

Multiple Pick Up Or Multiple Delivery(if your storage items are to be picked up or delivered to two or more separate locations) - $25 for each new location

Late Payment - All invoices are due 30 days after the posting date or before delivery, whichever is first. After 45 days, a $10 late payment fee is automatically added. Additional late payment fees are automatically added every 30 days past due.

Late Delivery Charge - Any items delivered after classes start in August will incur an extra $60 delivery fee, because they will have already been moved to our off-season warehouse.

Unreturned Boxes - If any boxes are not used, they need to be returned to the movers during pick up. All unreturned and unused boxes will cost $5.