Guys And Dollies

Long Term Storage in Boulder, Colorado

Guys and Dollies has storage in Boulder during first and second semester for students who are studying abroad or taking a semester off. This service is available independently, or in addition to summer storage, and you can extend the length of your storage as long as you want. Movers will pick up and deliver anywhere in Boulder.

Simple pricing built around students!

Our pricing is collected at the beginning of each terms: first semester, second semester, and summer. Each one of these terms costs the same amount as the normal Boulder storage prices (summer storage), found on our pricing page.

Summer Term Fall Term Spring Term
May - Beginning of School Year September - End of First Semester January - End of Second Semester

Keep your stuff in storage as long as you need!

You can extend to your storage in Boulder as long as you want, just email the University of Colorado office ([email protected]) and let them know. Guys and Dollies can also even ship everything to a new address after storage, if needed.

Get a fresh start for second semester!

Pack away some of the stuff you're not going to need after first semester! Our multi-term storage options aren't just for students studying abroad. You can put stuff in storage to de-clutter your room! Every semester, most students collect a lot of extra stuff they shouldn't throw away like books, notes, and winter clothes. Now, you can get it out of your hair until next year.

Have free boxes and supplies delivered and put everything into storage!

You might need your old notes for a class in the future, but that doesn't mean you have to store everything in your tiny dorm room! Get organized! Let Guys and Dollies take your extra belongings to our warehouse, and we can group it with the rest of your storage later in the Spring. Because we use a local Boulder storage facility, you can ask for your delivery at any time, just in case you need it!

Simple pricing built around students

Our billing cycle is split into three terms:summer, first semester, and second semester. Each one of these terms costs the same amount as the normal Boulder storage prices in the summer. To find out more, take a look at our pricing page.

But, wait! The best discounts are for our long-term storage customers!

Customers receive a $45 discount every term after the first. Students storing items for an entire year and very large orders are eligible for large discounts as much as half-off! Please ask your local University of Colorado office for more details.