Guys And Dollies

How It Works

The easiest solution for Boulder storage and shipping!

We have learned from thousands of customers and handed out hundreds of thousands of free supplies, so you can be sure that we know what you need for the fastest and easiest moving and storage in Boulder!

Why is our University of Colorado storage and shipping service the easiest?

We provide students with the best supplies and preparation. Students have a lot to worry about at the beginning and end of the school year, let us remember everything for you!

Our benefits include:
    ☑ Free in-room pick up
    ☑ Free in-room delivery
    ☑ Free boxes (24x18x16, 275lb test, high quality)
    ☑ Free supply kit (tape, packing paper, markers, labels, luggage tags, poster tubes, many more...)
    ☑ Free cancellation or appointment changes

We keep parents informed!

Our website ensures that parents can help their children during the busiest times of the school year. Parents can scheduling appointments, request supply deliveries, and complete payments using a linked parent account. Confirmation and reminder emails will be sent to everyone to keep both students and parents in the loop.

The basics

You only have to complete five basic steps in the storage process:

    1. Reserve pick up arrival window
    2. Pick up boxes and supplies or have them delivered
    3. Pack your boxes and label your items
    4. Mail check or pay by credit card online
    5. Reserve delivery arrival window

The details:

1. Reserve pick up arrival window

Available appointments for University of Colorado storage and shipping can be reserved online at any time. For additional assistance, you can contact us by email or phone during normal business hours. We provide 2-hour arrival windows, and availability at most locations throughout the day. Availability varies depending on location, date, and desired time. We do not require any deposit, and payment is not due until after your pick up appointment. You may change or cancel your appointment more than 24 hours in advance at no cost.

2. Pick up supplies or have them delivered

For customers living on-campus, in University of Colorado housing, please check our supply delivery schedule to find out when you can meet our supply truck at your dorm. Our supply delivery trucks will be at most residence halls 6-7 times during the Spring. Students can pick up supplies at any location on the schedule, just in case your class schedule works better with the deliveries at the dorm next door. Don't go to the store and buy packing supplies! Our Boulder storage service is easiest way to get free packing supplies!

Off-campus customers should fill out a free supply request online, and have our complimentary supply kits delivered directly to your door. Once you have requested supplies online, our Boulder movers will call within a week (2-3 days in the Spring) to see when they can bring your supplies. Customers living off-campus are also welcome to meet the truck at the dorm supply delivery locations if they do not want to wait for a custom supply delivery.

Our supply kits contain a comprehensive collection of free, quality packing products. We recommend that customers take more supplies than they think they need, and simply return the excess to the movers at your appointment. We provide these supplies because we want our customers to be the most prepared for storage in Boulder. We also have several premium packing products like bubble wrap.

Our free supply kits include:

    ☑ Tape
    ☑ Packing Paper
    ☑ Markers
    ☑ Removable Labels
    ☑ Furniture Tags
    ☑ Plastic Wrap
    ☑ Dry Cleaning Bags
    ☑ Bags For Wires and Remotes
    ☑ Poster Tubes (as needed)
    ☑ Mattress Bags (as needed)
    ☑ Shipping Labels (as needed)
    ☑ Luggage Tags (as needed)

3. Pack your boxes and label your items

After your supplies are delivered, you will be able to start packing. To help the process, we accept almost any item into our Boulder storage facility. You can tell the movers to take things like full plastic bins and suitcases to reduce packing time. You must have everything packed prior to the beginning of your arrival window. You name should also be listed on all items, and removable labels and luggage tags are included in your free supply kit. Due to very tight schedules, our movers typically need to hurry to their next appointment and cannot wait for extra items to be packed. More information about packing can be found on the packing tips page.

That’s all you have to do before you leave campus!

Movers can show up at any point in your reserved arrival window, not necessarily the beginning. If you can't be present at the arrival window, you will need to provide contact information for someone else who can be present (like a friend or roommate). You'll also be able to worry about payment later. We'll give you a paper copy of your invoice and then email an electronic copy a few days later. You will not be able to pay for your invoice until your electronic invoice is ready.

4. Mail check or pay by credit card online

All open invoices must be paid prior to reserving your delivery arrival window. You can make payments online anytime or by phone or mail during normal business hours. Online credit card transactions are handled through PayPal. No credit card information is saved on our site out of concern for your privacy and security. When using a credit card, a 2.9% processing fee is added to your invoice. To avoid this fee, please send a check through the mail. Storage invoices must be paid within 30 days of your invoice being posted to your account online.

5. Reserve delivery arrival window

Delivery arrival windows can be scheduled 24/7 online, and our Boulder movers will deliver anywhere in the city. You can also always call or email the office during normal business hours for assistance. If your roommates also used Guys and Dollies, we recommend scheduling your appointments at the same time, and then only one person needs to be present. The first roommate to get back to school can sign for all of the deliveries, so that your stuff is waiting for you when you get to campus!

Our August delivery windows are typically released mid-June, and you will receive an email notification when they are available online. Our University of Colorado storage and moving services are available throughout the summer, and we can delivery to any Boulder location. We'll even bring your items directly into to your room! Our movers carry basic tools to reassemble anything that was disassembled during move-out.