Guys And Dollies

Long Term Storage

Simple pricing built around students!

We split the year into three terms: first semester, second semester, and summer. Each one of these terms costs the same amount as the normal summer prices and is billed at the beginning of each term. Please choose a school and see our pricing page for more information on estimating your costs.

For students studying abroad, away at an internship, or taking a semester off, Guys and Dollies provides storage during the school year. This service is available independently or you can simply extend your summer storage at any time.

Keep your stuff in storage as long as you need!

We recommend you take a look at the general storage or "How It Works" tabs for a more detailed look at the steps for all storage orders. No additional steps are needed to keep items in storage Long Term, simply email your local office ahead of your appointment to let them know, and we will store your items as long as needed.