Guys And Dollies Employment Opportunities
A word from our employees

"Helping my fellow students plan their move-ins was a great learning experience. By manning the phone, I learned how to troubleshoot on the fly and keep calm under pressure. Customer service is now a celebrated bullet on my resume!"

-Natalie D.  1 year


"The most employee friendly operation I have ever been involved with. The managers have created a business where it's actually fun to come to work."

-Max G.  3 years


"The work is hard and the hours are long - but you have a good oppertunity to provide a valueable service to the community, get in shape, and make more money than just about any other summer job."

-Alex B.  4 years


"Guys and Dollies is a company that values their employee's needs They are willing to accommodate busy schedules, assuring that your safety is upheld and also making sure that you are compensated for all work that you have fulfilled."

-E'jaaz M.  4 years


"One of my favorite jobs of all time- honest work for great pay. Pair up with a buddy and take the truck to campus. The managers are easy to work for, they reward good work and loyalty, and they laugh at your jokes."

-Tyler M.  3 years


"Working with Guys and Dollies is a great way to make some good money in a short amount of time, not to mention it's a good work out."

-Chris M.  1 year