Guys And Dollies

How It Works

Full-service storage and shipping, exclusively for students!

Why is our storage and shipping service the easiest option?

It's simple: we spend the entire year planning for move-out. And after almost two decades of distributing hundreds of thousands free boxes, tape, and supply kits, Guys and Dollies knows how to provide students with the perfect tools for fast and painless storage and shipping!

Students have a lot of things to worry about at the beginning and end of the school year, storage shouldn't be one of them! ...Congratulations, you've just discovered the easiest thing about college.

For less than the cost of your textbooks, you'll get the entire summer of storage plus:
  • Free in-room pick up
  • Free in-room delivery
  • Free boxes (24x18x16, premium* double-walled)
  • Free supply kit (tape, packing paper, markers, labels, tags, poster tubes, more...)
  • Free cancellation or appointment changes (more than 24 hours in advance)
  *Actually premium! We are seriously proud of our high quality boxes!

We keep parents informed!

Guys and Dollies makes it easy for parents to be involved in the move-out process. Both students and parents can create accounts, schedule appointments, request supplies, and complete payments. Notification emails are sent to both parents and students so that everyone stays up-to-date about appointments and payments!

The Basics

These instructions are intended for summer storage. If you are interested in abroad storage or long-term storage please see those specific pages.

Spring (before you leave school)

  1. Create account
  2. Reserve pick up arrival window
  3. Get free supplies delivered
  4. Pack and label items

Summer (after you leave school)

  1. Pay storage or shipping invoice
  2. Reserve delivery arrival window

The Details

1. Create account (either student or parent)

Just click sign up and choose "student" or "parent" to create an account for summer storage or shipping. Once you have created an account, you will be able to reserve arrival windows, get free supplies, and look at billing information.

2. Reserve pick up arrival window (April/May schedule released around Feb. 15)

Appointments for storage and shipping can be scheduled 24/7 at, or by email or phone during normal busines hours. We typically schedule 2-hour arrival windows, and availability usually begins at 9:00am-11:00am, and ends as late as 6:00pm-8:00pm at certain locations during move-out and move-in. Available arrival windows vary depending on your location. No payment or deposit is required during sign up or to reserve an appointment.

We do not charge any cancellation or change fees more than 24 hours in advance of the beginning of your arrival window, but please let us know as soon as possible if your plans change!

3. Get free supplies delivered (late March - mid April)

Customers living in on-campus housing should check our supply delivery schedule to find out when we will be in your area. Our movers will be at most buildings 15-20 times during the Spring. Students may pick up supplies at any residence hall, if the delivery times work better somewhere else nearby. Guys and Dollies is the easiest way to get free packing supplies for storage!

Customers living off campus can request a free supply delivery through the website, and have all of the supplies delivered directly to the front door. Once you fill out a form online, our movers will give you a call the following week (2-3 days in the Spring) to schedule a more specific time to deliver your boxes and supply kit. Off-campus customers may also pick up supplies at the residence halls using the dorm delivery schedule. Drive your car to meet the truck, and you won't have to wait for your supply delivery.

Guys and Dollies offers a large list of free and premium supplies. We want students to be as prepared as possible for move-out. By providing you with free supplies, you won't have to go to the store. With all supply kits, we recommend students take more than they think they need. You can return extra supplies to the movers at your pick up.

Our FREE supply kits include:

    Packing Paper
    Removable Labels
    Furniture Tags
    Plastic Wrap
    Bags For Wires and Remotes
    Poster Tubes (as needed)
    Mattress Bags (as needed)
    Shipping Labels (as needed)
    Luggage Tags (as needed)

4. Pack and label items (mostly before finals week!)

After your supplies are delivered, you will have everything that you need to get packed. To make things easy, we accept almost everything into our local storage facility. You can just give the movers things like full plastic bins and suitcases, and you do not need to repack those items into boxes. Please make sure to have everything packed and labeled with your name prior to the beginning of your arrival window. Due to very tight schedules, movers typically need to move on to the next appointment and cannot wait for extra items to be packed. Removable labels and tags (with strings) are included for items that don't fit in boxes. For more infomration about packing, please click on our packing tips.

That’s all you have to do before you leave campus!

Movers may show up at any point in your reserved arrival window, not necessarily the beginning. For every pick up and delivery appointment, our movers will need someone to sign the invoice. If you can't be at the arrival window, you will be able to give us contact information for another contact like a roommate or neighbor. Even if multiple roommates are using the service, each roommate should have their own appointment unless all roommates have the same pick up and delivery location. No payment is needed until later, over the summer, and customers are provided with both paper and electronic invoices for their records.

5. Pay storage or shipping invoice (early summer)

You must pay for all storage and shipping invoioces prior to scheduling a delivery appointment. You can make payments online, by phone, or through the mail. Guys and Dollies does NOT store credit card information for security reasons. Online credit card transactions are handled through PayPal. Invoices must be paid within 30 days after your invoice has been posted online or prior to the delivery. To avoid a 3.5% credit card processing fee, you can mail a check. Please see your invoice for more information.

6. Reserve delivery arrival window (August schedule released around July 1)

You can schedule your delivery arrival window 24/7 online or by email or phone during normal business hours. We recommend scheduling appointments the same time as your roommates. The first roommate to arrive on campus can accept all of the deliveries, so that your stuff is waiting for you when you get to campus!

We typically release our August arrival windows in mid-June, and both parents and students will receive an email notification. Guys and Dollies is open every day in the summer, and we typically have more availability in August than in May because move-in is longer than move-out. We can deliver to any location on or off-campus, and will bring items to each individual room if you know where you want it. Our movers will bring basic tools to reassemble anything that was disassembled during move-out.